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Generation to Generation
by Kelin F Gersick, John A Davis, Marion M Hampton, Ivan Lansberg


Our Values

is essential to all relationships, particularly in the service sector.  We are proud of the clients who trust us to partner with them for important projects.

As Stephen M.R. Covey argues in The Speed of Trust, we trust someone when they demonstrate character and competence. To be trusted, one needs to demonstrate, integrity, good intent, the capabilities to do what is promised, and effective results.  As OneWorld Consulting we strive to live up to our high standards of integrity, intent, capabilities and results to be a trustworthy business partner.  We build high trust relationships with our clients and stakeholders because we believe it is the right thing to do and it is good for business.

We believe in long term mutually beneficial relationships with the organisations and individuals we work with based on genuine partnership. 

We believe that business can have a positive impact on the world, and that our business and personal values should be aligned. 

For us, Integrity, Sustainability and Diversity are key values in our personal and business lives.

We do what we say we will, and we are straightforward with clients and candidates.  As a company we treat our own people and the world around us with integrity, we pay our taxes and treat suppliers fairly.  We do not work with clients unless we believe in them as organisations.

We aim to provide robust, sustainable solutions for clients, so that all parties we work with will benefit for the long term.  We also aim to be a sustainable business in terms of how we interact with the environment. 

We believe that diversity is a key strength in the best organisations, and we reflect that belief in the way we work.  Both in the natural world and business life, diversity is key to survival.


A member of INAC.

A member of Career Star Group.


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One World Consulting is a Turkish Employment Authority Private Recruitment Office, Date: 06.10.2009 Permit No: 373 By Turkish Employment Law, job seekers are not charged any fee.
Non-Turkish citizens without permission to work in Turkey should not apply for positions in Turkey.
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